Todd, Bob and Kyle Lazarz

The proud owner of the Bucky Badger and Verona Valley brands, L & L Foods is a fourth-generation family owned- and operated wholesale food distributor. Since 1948 the Verona, Wisconsin-based business has made customer service and delivery of the finest products its foremost priorities. Company president Todd Lazarz, grandson of co-founder Bill Lazarz, is dedicated to retaining the L & L Foods traditions of family business and promoting local products. L & L distributes thousands of products throughout southern Wisconsin and to select locations in Illinois and Minnesota and now, via this e-commerce platform, to customers nationwide. 

Early in his career, Bill Lazarz recognized the potential that Bucky Badger held as a brand and created a line of quality snack foods that feature Wisconsin’s favorite mascot. The Bucky Badger brand remains as iconic as its namesake mascot and has become a staple at every good Badger table. We hope you’ll enjoy our products, share them with friends and continue to stand proudly behind the Bucky Badger brand. It is our honor to have a seat at your table.